Resale is circularity builds loyalty is the future.

Finally you can start reaping the rewards of resale.

The value of the secondhand apparel market is forecasted to hit $64billion USD by 2024.*


That is an enormous loss of revenue for brands that are not offering their own resale programs. The market has shifted and resale is no longer a dirty word.


Wouldn’t you prefer to see ongoing incremental revenue from your product resales no matter where it’s sold?


We’ve got the solution that finally favours you instead of the marketplaces.

Resale. Reward.

A circular solution that increases customer loyalty.

Imagine a world where a customer resells their previous season item with you and re-purchases repeatedly with your brand. Yep, we couldn’t either.


Retain your customers and increase their loyalty by rewarding them through a seamless resale experience. All they need to do is take a photo and we’ll do the rest.


We find the biggest most reputable marketplaces and pay the customer with incentives of credits or gift cards to spend with you (and only you!)  


We’re giving circularity a new meaning and letting you control the journey.

All the benefits, none of the hassle.


Feel reassured that all products will be thoroughly inspected and authenticated before reaching a customer. Build a seamless and secure circular experience for your customer.


Our expertise and knowledge in the market will give you reassurance when scouting for the ultimate market place for your brand to benefit the most from. 



Driving loyalty with a seamless circular journey, offering rewards with a bespoke credit system. Keep your customers with you, always! 


Think that's all we do? Think again.